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Introducing: The LOVE Seat ercol & 2LG Studio Collaboration

By ercol on 1 June 2019

ercol & 2LG Studio love seat collaboration

We have collaborated with the award-winning interior design studio 2LG Studio to create four limited-edition rainbow Originals Love Seats to coincide with Pride month.

ercol & 2LG Studio love seat collaboration

As a celebration of diversity, each Love Seat will feature a unique configuration of seven vibrant shades, designed to champion Love. Freedom. Joy. Optimism and ultimately, the belief that everyone has a right to be themselves. 

ercol & 2LG Studio love seat collaboration

Offering a fresh twist on the rainbow palette, which has become a powerful symbol of the LGBTQ community the hues shown across each Love Seat are reflective of the 2LG studio's distinctive take on colour and design. 

From ultramarine to coral, violet and a splash of luminous yellow, each design is brought to life through a combination of playful shades that capture ercol and 2LG's shared passion for colour and forward-thinking design. 

Coloured paint
Colour swatches

Designed in 1956 by Lucian R Ercolani, the ercol Originals Love Seat is a progression of the classic Windsor chair, featuring a bowed top, spindle back and a solid elm seat. The design was re-launched in 1999 and is still made in our Buckinghamshire factory. 

Considered from any angle, the silhouette is striking and the unique blend of colours chosen for each design only serve to enhance its distinctive shape.

ercol & 2LG Studio love seat collaboration

Edward Tadros our Chairman said "The Love Seat is one of our most iconic designs and its very function is to be shared, which we felt was a natural starting point for this project.

We've long admired 2LG Studio's bold take on colour and design, and combined with their unique view point on Pride, Russel and Jordan were the perfect fit for this commission.

The Love Seat is a fantastic canvas for colour and the four designs that 2LG have created really celebrates every angle.

Approaching our 100th anniversary, which will take place next year in 2020, it's an important part of our ethos to look forward to the next 100 years and to continue championing diversity in design through engaging collaborations."

Each Originals Love Seat was sprayed by hand in the factory in by expert craftsman, Graeme who has worked for ercol for 40 years!

Graeme hand spraying the love seats
Graeme hand spraying the love seats

Russell Whitehead and Jordan Cluroe of 2LG Studio, said: "ercol is a brand that we've loved for such a long time, so when they approached us to work with them on this amazing project, it was a yes straight away.

We wanted to put our own spin on the classic rainbow palette and curate a collection of colours that were not only more contemporary but were specific to us and the work that we do. Approaching the concepts, it was important that the finished result not only a great piece of design but also felt joyful." 

Russell Whitehead and Jordan Cluroe of 2LG Studio
Russell Whitehead and Jordan Cluroe of 2LG Studio

The four Love Seats will be used to support and champion activities around Pride Month in June, with three benches being sold and auctioned for charity.

Video screen

Introducing: The LOVE Seat ercol & 2LG Studio Collaboration

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