Sustainability and Ethics

Sustainability and Ethics

ercol are intent on designing and producing beautiful and honest furniture whilst carefully considering the implications of what we are doing and the effect it might have on the community and the environment.

ercol has been designing and making quality furniture for over 100 years. During that time the world has become much smaller, and we now have manufacturing partners around the world, as well as retaining a state of the art factory in England. 

We continue to invest heavily in UK manufacturing, having built an award-winning factory in Princes Risborough, Buckinghamshire in 2002.  Environmental considerations played a key part in the factory’s design, having large windows to maximise the use of natural daylight, sound proofing to retain noise within the building and motion sensors in the offices to control the lighting and reduce wasted energy.  The factory and office are heated by a biomass boiler, fuelled by our wood waste and sawdust from the factory. 

Our furniture is made from high quality timber which is sourced from around the world. We use mainly hard woods ash, oak and walnut to create our beautiful furniture. We undertake rigorous due diligence procedures to ensure that the timber we use complies with UK Timber Regulations, and have also obtained FSC® and GIB certifications. GIB (Grown in Britain) timber is locally sourced and helps to keep our supply chains as short as possible on specific ranges.

Alongside the above, we also hold FISP certification (Furniture Industry Sustainability Programme), which is a 3rd party initiative to drive sustainability, responsible sourcing, waste reduction and community philanthropy. 

ercol furniture is a high-quality product, designed to provide years of service before needing replacing, and so helping reduce waste. Some of our upholstered furniture with exposed wood frames can be reupholstered with new cushion sets – see our reCover page for details.

Sustainability Mission Statement

ercol pledge to improve our environmental impact by continually reviewing and utilising more sustainable manufacturing methods, as well as product and packaging materials, in terms of their ability to be replenished, recycled or disposed of.

ercol have obtained FISP certification as a commitment to ongoing sustainability, and responsible practices. This external verification helps highlight opportunities for continual improvement, as well as keep ethical practices at the forefront of our operations.

Ercol Responsible Sourcing Policy
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Modern Slavery Statement
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FISP Certificate
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