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Maximising Space & Comfort in Your Home Office

By ercol on 8 October 2020

Ballatta desk and open shelving unit

For many of us, working from home has become the new norm in 2020. But not everyone has the luxury of a home study to work from, with a recent report suggesting that as many as a third of us have been working from our dining room. 

While this might have been workable on a temporary basis, home working is becoming more long-term. If you’re six months into working remotely, it’s probably time to look into setting up a dedicated workspace.

Treviso desk
Treviso desk

The importance of a home office space

Creating an office space in your home isn’t just cosmetic. It allows you to separate your work-life and home-life despite working remotely. With a dedicated workspace, it can help boost to productivity. Your home office space can incorporate a printer, stationery, filing drawers – everything you need to do your job well. It will also help you avoid physical issues that arise from being slumped on a sofa or hunched over a laptop that’s too low.

Best of all, your home office doesn’t have to take up an entire room. There are a selection of stunning pieces that can help you set up a workspace almost anywhere in your home.

Staying subtle in the living room

Repositioning your living room furniture could open up space you didn’t realise you had. The compact, Shalstone desk will blend subtly into the corner of any room. Its three handy drawers are ideal for storing away papers and spare stationery, while the cable hole at the back helps to keep computer wires tidy.

Shalstone desk and chair
Shalstone desk and chair

You could also position yourself in one of the alcoves at either side of your chimney breast. This would allow for a wider workspace, using the contemporary, architecturally striking Treviso desk

Bosco and Ballata for the bedroom

Spare rooms are a home office dream. If you’re lucky enough to have one, the Ballata desk is a great way to make the most of it. Elegantly tapered legs and a small built-in drawer combine style and substance, with the option of a matching shelving unit – the ideal bookcase backdrop for those all-important Zoom calls.

Ballatta desk with open shelving unit
Ballatta desk with open shelving unit

If you’re incorporating a workspace in a bedroom that’s still in use, a more discreet option is the Bosco chest of drawers. This tall set of six drawers is narrow enough to slot in amongst your existing furniture. Designed as part of a bedroom collection, it’s the perfect alternative to a traditional filing cabinet.

Bosco 6 drawer tall chest
Bosco 6 drawer tall chest

Maximise on storage

Storage space is a must for any home office. If your work requires various files, the versatile Teramo shelving unit is a contemporary way to keep everything you need accessible. Add books, files and even some treasured keepsakes to personalise your home office space.

For a more discreet option, one of the Askett oak sideboards are flexible storage solutions designed to fit seamlessly into your dining room or hallway. With four drawers and an adjustable shelf, there is more than enough space to keep your work clutter out of sight.

Askett large sideboard
Askett large sideboard

Upgrade your home office

At ercol we have designed an elegant neat office furniture collection to make the most of your living space. Functional yet stylish, our non-bulky designs help to prevent rooms from feeling cluttered even when you have limited space. 

If you’re ready to upgrade your workspace, you can view our full collection on our website home office range. Or if you’d prefer to view our quality furniture in person, simply find your nearest stockist.


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