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How to Choose the Right Sofa Fabric for Your Home

By ercol on 8 August 2018

Marinello sofa group
Marinello collection

A new sofa can single-handedly transform any room. However, with so many beautiful fabrics to choose from, how do you select the one that’s right for you? 

That’s where ercol can help. Read on for our guide to choosing a sofa fabric that fits your lifestyle and your home.

Leather or fabric?

The first decision is whether you want leather or fabric. The two materials add their own distinct look and feel to your sofa. Leather sofas add a sleek, elegant tone to living rooms, while fabric sofas have a certain warmth about them.

Enna large sofa
Enna large sofa

Choosing a fabric

If you’ve decided on a fabric, there are a few factors worth considering. For example, a darker fabric may be better suited to larger households, as the sofa will be used more frequently. Alternatively, a fabric with a mix of colours or textures can be practical as they may hide marks or spillages better than a plain fabric.

Cosenza armchair

Looking for a statement sofa?

A bold colour is the ideal choice to brighten up an otherwise dull or bland room. If a vibrant look is the right fit for you, make sure you pick a colour that stands the test of time and one you’d love to see every day. If you’re completely in love with a colour, but recognise that it could be overwhelming, consider a smaller piece – such as an armchair or snuggler. Another option is to make a statement with a larger sofa using a more pared back fabric.

Think about shape

The colour and pattern of your fabric isn’t a standalone choice. Different sofa shapes may lend themselves better to certain colours or patterns. So think about the size and scale of a design and how the pattern will appear on the furniture. An online visualiser can help with this.

Gela snuggler and sofa
Gela snuggler and sofa

Are you looking for a streamlined sofa?

Buttons can taper fabric to achieve this, as with the Gela collection, adding a stylish, classic feature to the sofa’s fabric. By tightening the fabric, it can create a streamlined more tailored look.

Textured fabrics

The texture of your fabric comes into play as well when it comes to your sofa’s look, the feel and your maintenance requirements. Fabrics with a pile, such as velvet or plush, are beautifully soft to the touch and look stunning in vintage design schemes but can crush and flatten creating different shading where the pile has compressed. If you want to keep this type of material looking its best, a weekly brush will help maintain its stylish appearance.

Consider your lifestyle

Remember, it’s important to consider which fabrics suit your lifestyle. For example, do you have pets? Fabrics with loops can easily get snagged by a pet’s claws. So, if you do have a cat, you might like to consider a fabric with a tighter weave.

Create your perfect sofa

Novara collection
Novara collection

At ercol, we provide an online configurator to make it easier for you to picture your ideal sofa. On collections such as Novara and Cosenza, you can choose from a wide selection of high quality fabrics for the sofa’s body and scatter cushions, and visualise the finished product. Select a patterned fabric or subtle, neutral shade – whatever fits your home best.

Ready to start choosing? Take a look at our full range of sofas and armchairs or request your free ercol catalogue online.

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