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2020 - A Year of Furniture Innovation

By ercol on 1 December 2020

Like any new year, the start of 2020 was full of hope, excitement and big plans. That was certainly the case for ercol, with lots in store to celebrate our landmark centenary year. 

In this post, we’ll explore how 2020 has become a year of innovation for our team – and how you can apply the same approach in your home.

Monza dining collection from ercol
Monza dining collection

Dealing with the impact of lockdown

Like the rest of the world, it’s fair to say ercol’s year hasn’t gone to plan. Trade fairs were cancelled, retailers’ showrooms have had to close and new working practices put in place for our factory along with reduced deliveries due to social distancing. All of this came in our 100th year, which we had marked in February by the launch of the ercol lion logo and our anniversary collection.

However, as practical thinkers by nature, we found it impossible to sit still. Instead, we’ve been working hard not only to continue through lockdown, but to actually find a positive side to the situation. Like many businesses, we’ve had to work smarter and differently during this period.

With our heart fundamentally in design, lockdown has also given our creative team time to think and reflect on product design. We’ve had more time to focus, create and innovate our furniture – an approach that we think homes across the UK can also benefit from.

Engaging with furniture

From the Government’s “stay home” message to the remote working revolution, ‘home’ has undoubtedly been a key theme of 2020. Amongst other things, this has given everyone more time to engage with their furniture. Rather than rushing in and out of the house, people are beginning to make real decisions about their homes, shaping their environment to suit them better.


We’ve all spent more time sitting at the dining table with restaurants closed. With changing limits on how many people you can host, extending dining tables have never been more invaluable. The Monza and Lugo dining collections offer their own twist on the functional set-up.

Lugo dining collection from ercol
Lugo dining collection

Lugo is deep and rich with a timeless Nordic design, while Monza is modern and versatile. With different types of seating and a combination of a rich mid tone wood finish combined with black, Monza can be tailored to both your needs and your décor.

Lugo dining armchair and console table
Lugo dining armchair and console table
Lugo shelving unit and Marino chair
Lugo shelving unit and Marino chair


Dining tables have also been at the centre of attention when it comes to work, out of necessity rather than preference. As working from home becomes a more permanent arrangement, it’s only natural people are looking to find furniture that maximises comfort and functionality without compromising on space and style.

The Ballatta collection includes a number of pieces that combine practicality and style for any home-working arrangement. The Ballatta desk is compact enough for most homes, while the shelving unit and storage cabinet can tidy away any books, folders and papers to stop work taking over your living space.

The stunning Ballatta drinks cabinet ties it all together, which will hopefully be in full use when we can all have our loved ones round again.

Ballatta shelving unit and desk
Ballatta shelving unit and desk
Ballatta drinks cabinet
Ballatta drinks cabinet


With the twists and turns of lockdown, getting plenty of rest has never been more important.

The Monza Bedroom range can add a sense of lightness to any bedroom space with a collection of elegant pieces standing on plinths. Alternating herringbone veneers highlight the character of the rustic oak, creating a natural atmosphere in your bedroom for complete relaxation.

Monza bedroom collection from ercol
Monza bedroom collection

As well as a double and king-size bed, wardrobe and chests of drawers, the collection is complete with a stunning dressing table – perfect for spending plenty of time getting ready.

Monza dressing table
Monza dressing table

Engage and innovate with ercol

We may be at home for the foreseeable future, but what a great opportunity to spend time identifying the furniture we want in our home and how best it works for us and our families. If you want to engage and innovate with furniture over the coming months, take a look at our catalogue online for more inspiration.


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