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Instruction Manuals

Please find listed below our current assembly instructions for our furniture.  If you require instructions for older versions of our furniture please email and they will be able to help you further.


Image of 2202 desk

desk 2202 1549KB pdf

Image of 2205 drinks cabinet

drinks cabinet 2205 1345KB pdf

Image of 2203 shelving unit

shelving unit 2203 1784KB pdf

Image of 2204 storage cabinet

storage cabinet 2204 1248KB pdf


Image of 4382 chaise LHF

Bellaria upholstery 604KB pdf


Image of 1323 compact side table

compact side table 1323 51KB pdf

Image of 1383C dining chair

dining chair 1383C 784KB pdf

Image of 1393 display cabinet

display cabinet 1393 1629KB pdf

Image of 1385 large sideboard

large sideboard 1385 1476KB pdf

Image of 1379 low bookcase

low bookcase 1379 1338KB pdf

Image of 1380 medium extending dining table

medium extending dining table 1380 2458KB PDF

Image of 1399 nest of tables

nest of tables 1399 732KB pdf

Image of 1398 small extending dining table

small extending dining table 1398 2458KB PDF

Image of 1384 small sideboard

small sideboard 1384 1661KB pdf

Image of 1395 TV unit

TV unit 1395 912KB pdf

Image of 1394 wide TV unit

wide TV unit 1394 763KB pdf

Bosco Bedroom

Image of 1360 double bed

double bed 1360 7455KB pdf

Image of 1362 five drawer wide chest

five drawer wide chest 1362 1457KB pdf

Image of 1361 kingsize bed

kingsize bed 1361 7455KB pdf

Image of 1364 six drawer tall chest

six drawer tall chest 1364 1466KB pdf

Image of 1363 six drawer tall wide chest

six drawer tall wide chest 1363 1553KB pdf

Image of 1369 storage bench

storage bench 1369 895KB pdf

Image of 1320 super kingsize bed

super kingsize bed 1320 8698KB pdf

Image of 1366 three door wardrobe

three door wardrobe 1366 4840KB pdf

Image of 1365 two door wardrobe

two door wardrobe 1365 1508KB pdf

Image of 1368 two drawer bedside cabinet

two drawer bedside cabinet 1368 1471KB pdf


Image of 3936 flip top extendable dining table

flip top extendable dining table 3936 3265KB pdf

Image of 3937 highboard

highboard 3937 2834KB pdf


Image of 4264 table

table 4264 877KB pdf


Image of 3270/4P large recliner sofa

Enna upholstery - recliners 2893KB pdf

Image of 3270/4S large sofa

Enna upholstery 511KB pdf


Image of 3118/4 large sofa

Favara upholstery 1979KB pdf


Image of 4332 chaise LHF

Forli upholstery 2449KB pdf

Image of 4444 grand sofa RHF arm

Forli modular 905KB pdf


Image of 4183 1 drawer bedside cabinet

1 drawer bedside cabinet 4183 1298KB pdf

Image of 4186 5 drawer wide chest

5 drawer wide chest 4186 2860KB pdf

Image of 4187 6 drawer tall wide chest

6 drawer tall wide chest 4187 2963KB pdf

Image of 4180 double bed

beds 1479KB pdf

Image of 4188 double wardrobe

double wardrobe 4188 1887KB pdf

Image of 4189 dressing table

dressing table 4189 3046KB pdf

Monza Dining

Image of 4063 bench

bench 4063 1151KB pdf

Image of 4062 dining chair

dining chair 4062 948KB pdf

Image of 4065 large sideboard

large sideboard 4065 2188KB pdf

Image of 4061 medium extending dining table

medium extending dining table 4061 1345KB pdf

Image of 4069 round coffee table

round coffee table 4069 1156KB pdf

Image of 4071 shelving unit

shelving unit 4071 2313KB pdf

Image of 4060 small extending dining table

small extending dining table 4060 1341KB pdf

Image of 4066 universal cabinet

universal cabinet 4066 2221KB pdf


Image of 3286 2 door wardrobe

2 door wardrobe 3286 4669KB pdf

Image of 3282 3 drawer bedside cabinet

3 drawer bedside cabinet 3282 2069KB pdf

Image of 3283 4 drawer low wide chest

4 drawer low wide chest 3283 1979KB pdf

Image of 3285 6 drawer tall chest

6 drawer tall chest 3285 2017KB pdf

Image of 3292 compact bedside

compact bedside 3292 1462KB pdf

Image of 3280 double bed

double bed 3280 5170KB pdf


Image of 2645 cantilevered dining chair

cantilevered dining chair 2645 383KB pdf

Image of 2642 large extending table

large extending table 2642 1220KB pdf

Image of 2640 small extending dining table

small & medium extending tables 1000KB pdf


Image of 3897 2 door wardrobe

2 door wardrobe 3897 4709KB pdf

Image of 3894 4 drawer wide chest

4 drawer wide chest 3894 1417KB pdf

Image of 3895 6 drawer wide chest

6 drawer wide chest 3895 1473KB pdf

Image of 3896 8 drawer tall chest

8 drawer tall chest 3896 1424KB pdf

Image of 3893 bedside cabinet

bedside cabinet 3893 1407KB pdf

Image of 3890 double bed

double bed 3890 7753KB pdf

Image of 3899 dressing table

dressing table 3899 5227KB pdf

Image of 3889 dressing table stool

dressing table stool 3889 1000KB pdf

Image of 3891 kingsize bed

kingsize bed 3891 7753KB pdf


Image of 3519 2 drawer bedside chest

2 drawer bedside chest 3519 61KB pdf

Image of 3513 4 drawer chest

4 drawer chest 3513 539KB pdf

Image of 3510 bedstead double

bedstead double 3510 592KB pdf

Image of 3511 bedstead kingsize

bedstead kingsize 3511 588KB pdf

Image of 3517 dressing table

dressing table 3517 653KB pdf

Image of 3518 dressing table chair

dressing table chair 3518 292KB pdf

Image of 3515 storage bench

storage bench 3515 71KB pdf

Image of 3520 tallboy chest

tallboy chest 3520 530KB pdf

Image of 3522 tallboy mirror

tallboy mirror 3522 573KB pdf

Image of 3521 wardrobe

wardrobe 3521 5057KB pdf

Shalstone Dining

Image of 3461 bar stool

bar stool 3461 250KB pdf

Image of 3463 bench

bench 3463 223KB pdf

Image of 3462 chair

chair 3462 223KB pdf

Image of 3597 coffee table

coffee table 3597 64KB pdf

Image of 3620 console table

console table 3620 1822KB pdf

Image of 3467 desk

desk 3467 574KB pdf

Image of 3591 extending dining table

extending dining table 3591 444KB pdf

Image of 3464 extending round table

extending round table 3464 421KB pdf

Image of 3466 nest of tables

nest of tables 3466 66KB pdf

Image of 3595 shelving unit

shelving unit 3595 653KB pdf

Image of 3594 sideboard

sideboard 3594 489KB pdf

Teramo Bedroom

Image of 2686 2 door wardrobe

2 door wardrobe 2686 4735KB pdf

Image of 2687 3 door wardrobe

3 door wardrobe 2687 6118KB pdf

Image of 2683 5 drawer wide chest

5 drawer wide chest 2683 1709KB pdf

Image of 2685 6 drawer tall chest

6 drawer tall chest 2685 1867KB pdf

Image of 2684 7 drawer tall wide chest

7 drawer tall wide chest 2684 1996KB pdf

Image of 2682 bedside cabinet

bedside cabinet 2682 2004KB pdf

Image of 2689 compact side table

compact side table 2689 2060KB pdf

Image of 2680 double bed

double / kingsize bed 6509KB pdf

Teramo Dining

Image of 3668 coffee table

coffee table 3668 985KB pdf

Image of 3662 dining chair

dining chair 3662 883KB pdf

Image of 3665 large sideboard

large sideboard 3665 1828KB pdf

Image of 3661 medium extending dining table

medium extending dining table 3661 1018KB pdf

Image of 3671 open shelving unit

open shelving unit 3671 2959KB pdf

Image of 3660 small extending dining table

small extending dining table 3660 1125KB pdf

Image of 3664 small sideboard

small sideboard 3664 2049KB pdf

Image of 3667 TV unit

TV unit 3667 850KB pdf


Image of 2334/2335 desk

desk 2334/2335 5960KB pdf


Image of 3420/4 large sofa

Trieste sofa and corner group 752KB pdf


Image of 3856 corner cabinet

corner cabinet 3856 145KB pdf

Image of 3841 medium bookcase

wall fixings 433KB pdf

Image of 3850 small display top

cabinet fixings 192KB pdf

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