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ercol reupholstery ercol reupholstery

ercol reupholstery

If you're the proud owner of ercol furniture but you've decided that it's time for some clean, fresh re-upholstery, or you need to recover a sofa to fit in with a new look, then our professional re-upholstery service offers the ideal solution.

With many of our items being designed with solid wood, external frames and easy to replace cushions, they're the perfect candidates for our reCover chair and sofa reupholstery service.

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reCover - The original ercol reupholstery service

Here at ercol, we've been offering a premium quality reupholstery service for over 60 years, ensuring that our many happy customers can continue to enjoy their furniture for as long as they wish.

ercol furniture is well known for its fabulous build quality, and the care that we take through every step of the manufacturing process means that we create durable furniture that will provide many years of enjoyment. However, the fabric and cushion interiors will inevitably deteriorate over time with wear, and in direct response to this, our reupholstery service was born.

It takes approximately 8-10 weeks from placing your order to delivery of your new cushions, and then you're free to enjoy your reupholstery and take pleasure in your items all over again.

Sofa and chair reupholstery – love your furniture for longer

Our sofa and chair reupholstery service is suitable for some of our furniture ranges, and we can provide reupholstery in a fantastic choice of fabrics. Also, due to the way that many of our products are crafted, you won't need to be without your furniture during the reupholstery process. We deliver your new reupholstery items direct to your door, leaving you to simply swap your old cushions for new.  By reupholstering chairs and other key pieces, you can maintain the integrity of your beloved items and enjoy them for years to come.

If you'd like to find out more about our reupholstery service or if we offer the service on your sofa or chair then please feel free to contact our reupholstery team on 01844 271800 or alternatively visit your local stockist.


Reupholstering from reCover

To enable you to reupholster your ercol items with the minimum of hassle, you can order from our reupholstering service in one of two ways.

Firstly, if you'd like to order your reCover reupholstering directly from ercol, you can call our dedicated reupholstery team on 01844-271800 or email

Alternatively, you can arrange to reupholster your ercol furniture through your nearest stockist. Our reupholstering service is available to customers both in the UK and abroad, and you can locate your local stockist here.

Reupholstering made easy

When you choose to reupholster with reCover, you won't need to part with your sofa or chair while the reupholstering takes place. Simply check that your model falls within our furniture reupholstering service, and select the fabric you wish to reupholster with and place your order over the phone or with your retailer.

Once your reCover reupholstering order has been received, the making process will begin, and your new cushions will be delivered within approximately 8 weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is reCover?

reCover is the reupholstery service from ercol, where we undertake professional sofa reupholstery and chair reupholstery. We can supply replacement cushions for many of the different sofas and chairs that we have produced over the last 90 years as well as replacement seat and back pads for many of our dining chairs. Reupholstering can give your cherished pieces of ercol furniture a fresh lease of life or simply the chance to fit them in with a change of style.

Q: Why reupholster my furniture?

ercol furniture's solid wood frames will last well and age gracefully - many of our pieces have become part of people's lives and bear the marks of growing families and changing times. However, there will come a point where you may want to reupholster your furniture. Over time, any fabrics will show signs of wear with use, and interiors will compress, giving a less supportive sit and changing the look of the furniture. 

Tastes and fashions also change, which could be another reason to reupholster a chair or other items. Replacement upholstery will give your furniture a new look and a new lease of life, whilst you have the knowledge that you're helping the environment by choosing reupholstery instead of throwing away the frame.

Q: Why choose ercol reCover for my reupholstering?

Using our archives of original design drawings and fabric patterns, ercol craftsmen will provide professional sofa reupholstery and chair reupholstery using only the highest quality materials. We offer a wide choice of different fabrics for reupholstering. 

Q: I need to reupholster my furniture - can I buy directly from ercol?

Yes, we want to ensure that our reupholstering is easily accessible to all, so the ercol reCover service is available directly from ercol; simply call us on 01844 271800 and ask for customer services. Alternatively, you can order your sofa reupholstery or chair reupholstery through one of our network of stockists, whose staff will be delighted to help you.

Q: I want to reupholster a chair/sofa - how can I see your fabrics?

If you want to reupholster a chair, or you're interested in reupholstering any other ercol item, it's important to have a good choice of materials for your new look. We have a wide choice of chair and sofa reupholstery fabricsavailable within our range, encompassing a broad selection of patterns, plains and colours. You can see our reupholstering fabrics here on the reCover website, where you can also request five sample swatches. Our reupholstering fabrics brochure is also available to view on this site. All of our stockists have full fabric books with swatches of our complete range, making it easy for you to select the fabric of your choice and we also have large samples of all our fabrics available to view at our Princes Risborough showroom, giving you the opportunity to select the perfect fabric to reupholster your items with.

Q: Why are some fabrics not recommended for reupholstering?

If you look on this website or in our fabric guide you will see that certain fabrics are not recommended for sofa or chair reupholstery with regard to certain items. Generally these are patterns with straight stripes, which we do not recommend for upholstery with buttoned cushions - when we reupholster a chair or sofa with this type of fabric, the buttoning pulls the stripes out of parallel and some customers don't like this look.

When selecting your fabrics, please be aware that some fabrics with deep piles will show where they have been sat on unless smoothed over afterwards. Deep pile fabrics which are subject to fabric crush are not recommended to reupholster items which have reversible cushions placed on webbing, as the webs will leave an impression on the fabric.

Q: Does ercol fabric have fire protection?

Yes, all of the fabrics we use for our original pieces, or for chair or sofa reupholstery, have passed the British Government's flame retardant regulations and the test for abrasion BS2543. All filling materials meet the Furniture and Furnishing (fire) (safety) regulations 1988 to BS 5852 Part1 Source 0 & 1. For contract use we can provide specialist fabrics meeting the requirements for this market.

Q: Are the fabrics you use to reupholster hard wearing?

Rest assured that if you wish to reupholster a chair or any other item, our fabrics have been selected for their durability as well as their attractive appearance. They have all passed the test for abrasion BS2543 and are appropriate for general domestic use.

If you require reupholstering for the contract market or you require a particular abrasion resistant material, please contact customer services who will be able to help you. We can also provide specialist reupholstery fabrics - for example we are sometimes asked for water resistant materials.

Q: Who is my nearest ercol furniture retailer?

Have a look at the stockist locator, which will tell you your nearest retailer.  Your local stockist will have swatches available so that you can choose the perfect fabric for your furniture recovering.

Q: Can you reupholster my specific piece of furniture?

Over the past 90 years ercol has designed and sold over two hundred different designs for chairs and upholstery, many of which fall within our sofa reupholstery and chair reupholstery service. To check whether reCover re-upholstery is available on your specific item of ercol furniture you can check the reCover guide which has a full listing of all models supported.

Q: Why do you only supply full cushion sets?

Over the years of use interiors will naturally degrade, providing a less supportive sit. This also means that they will not fill out a new set of covers, and accordingly, the new covers will not look their best. Hence we always recommend taking complete cushion and cover sets when using our chair and sofa reupholstery service.

If you're looking to reupholster a chair or other item of furniture that has webbing straps, we would also recommend replacing the straps when you replace your cushions, in order to gain the full benefit from them.  ercol do not supply webbing but there are a number of webbing suppliers which can be found by searching online.

Q: Will my new cushions feel the same as my current set?

No, they won't. Over the years your current set will have become compressed. When we reupholster a chair or sofa, the new cushions will generally feel firmer than the old set, returning the performance of your upholstery to new. Foam compositions have also changed over the years in response to developments in foam technology and this can have an impact on the characteristics of the foam.

Q: Do you supply webbing?

No, ercol do not supply webbing. There are a number of webbing suppliers which can be found by searching online.

Q: My upholstery has a sprung base - do I need to replace it?

When we reupholster a chair or sofa, it's not generally necessary to replace the sprung base. However, occasionally we will supply a replacement unit where this helps, or is necessary for your sofa or chair reupholstery. Sprung bases can be replaced on special request as a separate, chargeable item. Please contact customer services on 01844 271800 if you'd like further information.

Q: Should I choose foam and fibre, or feather and fibre interiors?

When we reupholster some of our models, there is a choice of interiors - this is indicated on the relevant product details on this website or in the reCover guide. Foam and fibre will give a firmer support to your reupholstery, whilst feather and fibre gives a softer feel and a more casual look. Feather and fibre interiors will need regular dressing (plumping) to maintain their shape, so bear this in mind when selecting this aspect of your chair or sofa reupholstery.

Q: I'm allergic to feathers - what should I do?

Certain models have feather, or feather and fibre interiors. This is a traditional, high quality material used in upmarket upholstery to provide a soft and luxurious feel. Details of the interiors are given by the individual product listings on this website and in the reCover guide. Where interiors are feather and fibre, or purely feather, we can normally provide an alternative when we reupholster your item if you would prefer - speak to customer services (01844 271800) or your retailer.

Q: My new cushions are showing fabric bobbles - what should I do?

This is known as pilling and is a natural phenomenon with some fabrics when they are new. Pilling can be quickly and safely removed using a purpose made fabric "shaver" and will only occur during the period of initial use. All of our upholstery and reupholstery fabrics are tested for pilling to ensure this is not excessive. If you're planning to reupholster a chair or any other item and you wish to learn more about pilling, further information is contained in our pilling instructions.

Q: Where can I get my ercol furniture repaired?

ercol reCover can provide you with sofa reupholstery and chair reupholstery on a wide range of our items. However, we do not carry out repairs on the frames or on our other furniture that doesn't fall under our reupholstery service.

Q: After you reupholster my furniture, how can I wash the covers?

When you reupholster a chair or any other beloved item of furniture, you want to make sure that you keep your new cushions looking as good as new. Make sure that you mop up any spills as soon as possible to minimise staining.

On most models, covers are detachable, but even so, your reupholstery covers should only be professionally dry cleaned. Where covers are not detachable some companies offer an in-house dry cleaning service. If you need to remove and replace buttons, ask the customer service team for instructions.

You can also help to maintain the quality of your reupholstery by periodically vacuuming your covers using an appropriate soft brush attachment. This will help to remove any dirt and grit that may otherwise cause accelerated wear.

Q: I want to reupholster an item - can you tell me the price?

If you've decided that you'd like to reupholster a sofa or chair, call customer services on 01844 271800 for pricing information or visit your local retailer.

Q: How are ercol fabrics sold?

Our fabrics for furniture recovering are classified into price bands: C, E and G grades. 

In addition to providing fabrics for your chair and sofa reupholstery, if you with to purchase extra fabric for home furnishings, you can buy ercol fabrics by the metre, as shown in the table below. Please note that it is not always possible to obtain an exact colour match between dye batches, so please ask for a stock cutting if a shade match is required. You should be aware that fabric colours can vary slightly between rolls and even within a roll.

Fabric GradeWidth (ins)Width (cms)Price per Metre
C & E 54-55 137-140 £70.00
G 54-55 137-140 £100.00


2017 ercol reCover Guide

Using our archives of original design drawings and fabric patterns, ercol’s skilled craftsmen will tailor new upholstery from the highest quality materials to bring your furniture back to life.  So whether it’s a fresh new look you are after, or just a return to the wonderfully comfortable sit of an ercol chair, this brochure will guide you step by step through the ercol reCover ordering process.

View the ercol reCover guide onlineRequest a copy through the post

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