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Welcome to the ercol catalogue archive. Here you will find ercol catalogues from nearly every decade since the 1920s when ercol was founded. Please click on each catalogue to open up a digital version.

If you have an old piece of ercol furniture that you wish to identify, then here is the ideal place to look. The catalogues also provide a fascinating insight into changes over the decades in style and the way we live.

Beneath the catalogue archive you will also see that we have uploaded some other publications that we think you'll enjoy - like books of photos from the 1920s of our old factory, photos of the transition from the old to the new factory, and an old press leaflet from the 1960s full of interesting press articles.



2003 View in Flipbook


1993 View in Flipbook


1985 View in Flipbook


1978 View in Flipbook


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1933 View in Flipbook

New and Old Factories

New and Old Factories View in Flipbook

Other Publications

Furniture Industries c.1920s

Furniture Industries c.1920s View in Flipbook

Walter Skull & Son c.1920s

Walter Skull & Son c.1920s View in Flipbook

What the Press Says

What the Press Says View in Flipbook

ercol Published 2013

ercol Published 2013 Buy Book

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