In 1920, Lucian Ercolani or the 'Old Man' as he was affectionately known, set up his own furniture making business in High Wycombe, the chair-making capital of England.  It was here that the ‘Old Man’ perfected the art of steam bending wood and he created the famous Windsor bow. Owing to its success, steam bent wood was then produced in vast quantities and became a signature feature of ercol chairs.  

Evergreen is a combination of the traditional Windsor chair making skills from the Chilterns, with ercol's expertise in steam bending, with the chairs dramatic back rail, hand bent by two craftsmen through three different axes.

Evergreen brings qualities of integrity and fit for purpose furniture. The timeless designs that have evolved over the years to suit our customers, look as contemporary now as they did back then, suiting both modern and traditional interiors.