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Pennon Pennon Pennon Pennon


In a modern society filled with distractions, fortunately you can choose furniture that facilitates your ability to focus and enjoy the company of others.  With a dining table that's eye-catching, yet it doesn't upstage you or your dinner. The Large Pennon table by Norm Architects.  Where aeroplane wings are echoed in the leg supports and spindles are signature elements in our ercol designs. 

Available in these finishes:

Natural (DM) Natural (DM) Ash
Original (OG) Original (OG) Ash
Darkened (DA) Darkened (DA) Ash
Walnut (WN) Walnut (WN) Walnut
Black (SB) Black (SB) Ash
Oceanic (OC) Oceanic (OC) Ash
Vintage Red (VR) Vintage Red (VR) Ash
Ochre (OE) Ochre (OE) Ash
Warm Grey (WG) Warm Grey (WG) Ash
Off White (NM) Off White (NM) Ash

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