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Evergreen is a direct descendant of the Windsor chairs made in the Chiltern woodlands in Buckinghamshire for centuries. Designed in the 1950's by ercol’s founder it has been in constant production ever since.

The Evergreen steam-bent ash frame is constructed using traditional techniques to a beautiful finish with the seat cushions offer optimum support and comfort.

Design direction

In 1920, Lucian Ercolani or the 'Old Man' as he was affectionately known, set up his own furniture making business in High Wycombe, the chair-making capital of England.

It was here that the ‘Old Man’ perfected the art of steam bending wood and he created the famous Windsor bow. Owing to its success, steam bent wood was then produced in vast quantities and became a signature feature of ercol chairs.  Evergreen is a combination of the traditional Windsor chair making skills from the Chilterns, with ercol's expertise in steam bending, with the chairs dramatic back rail, hand bent by two craftsmen through three different axes.

Evergreen brings qualities of integrity and fit for purpose furniture. The timeless designs that have evolved over the years to suit our customers, look as contemporary now as they did back then, suiting both modern and traditional interiors.


Video screen

Sanding the bows

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Assembly of an evergreen chair

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Steam bending the frame

Available in these finishes:

Natural (DM) Natural (DM) Ash
Original (OG) Original (OG) Ash
Darkened (DA) Darkened (DA) Ash
Black (SB) Black (SB) Ash
Oceanic (OC) Oceanic (OC) Ash
Vintage Red (VR) Vintage Red (VR) Ash
Ochre (OE) Ochre (OE) Ash
Warm Grey (WG) Warm Grey (WG) Ash
Off White (NM) Off White (NM) Ash

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Lucian R Ercolani

Lucian R Ercolani, or the "Old Man" as he is affectionately known in the company, founded ercol in 1920. Born in Italy in 1888, Lucian's family moved to London in the 1890s. There he went to night school at the Shoreditch Technical Institute where he studied drawing, design and the theory and construction of furniture. In 1907 he made his first piece of furniture - a musical cabinet, inlaid with mother of pearl. Years later the company tracked this down and we still have it to this day.

The Old Man designed the company's products for many years. The Windsor range remains one of our most popular ranges over half a century after it was first launched in its original guise, whilst a few years ago we reintroduced some of Lucian's classic designs, which now form the ercol Originals.

Originals range
Lucian R Ercolani

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