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The ercol Look for 2020

By ercol on 10 December 2019

At ercol, we’re passionate about designing and crafting beautiful pieces of furniture that seamlessly combine style and functionality.

Cosenza sofa

However, we also work hard to ensure our pieces of furniture combine, and work with other features, to create an overall harmonized look in your home. A look that not only matches your personal style and preferences, but that keeps your home current and on trend.

With 2020 just around the corner, we’re going to explore some of our favourite looks for the new year.

What makes a ‘look’?

When designing a room, it’s easy to fall into the trap of focusing on specifics. It could be a certain piece of furniture, colour, pattern or a particular layout. You might even start your design with that particular thing in mind. However, in doing so, you’ll inevitably skim over and miss other details.

ercol look book

Instead, we like to start with a ‘look’ and consider which elements can come together to create it. Patterns, colours, shapes, materials, textures, light, space and even the function of your furniture can all bounce off of one another for a cohesive look and feeling. When it works, it can be truly beautiful.

Calm and balance

A wonderful example is by creating calm and balance in a room. To achieve this, it’s best to take a minimalist approach. Not just in the amount of furniture you use, but also in the colours, patterns and the selection of furniture.

The Corso & Verso range is perfect for this look, using rounded shapes to maintain a soft appearance, complemented by pale colours with the whitened ash finish. The consistency from the flowing lines of the cabinet to the rounded legs and curved edges of the dining table and benches.

When combined with a natural earthy palette and subtle patterns, this creates a gentle, soothing atmosphere in the room. We are likely to see more of these features and colours in the new year, as people seek a retreat from their busy lifestyles.

Corso and Verso
Corso and Verso


For the ultimate contrast, consider an animated style, reflecting a more dynamic, playful undertone. With this look, distinction is key. Vivid shapes and colours can be offset with simpler forms to exaggerate their character. This is increasingly popular as the warm Autumn-Winter colours look to stake their claim throughout 2020.

With its slim profile, contrasted with deep, plush fabrics, the Forli sofa goes hand in hand with this design scheme. Combine with colourful wall panelling and unique sculptures to give an air of unpredictability and frivolity. Feature lighting and greenery add another dimension to really bring the look to life.

Forli collection
Forli collection


One of our favourite looks for the coming year is the moody appearance. It is elegant without being extravagant, bold without being overpowering and rich without being saturated.

Moody rooms use dark feature walls with a depth of colour, complemented by metallic accents in gold, brass or silver. This depth extends to the textures on offer, with rich velvets and the characteristic grain of real timber.

The Ballatta drinks cabinet encapsulates this perfectly with a clear matt finish showcasing the oak’s natural beauty, surrounded by bold colours and textures. It is well counterbalanced with light, elegant features in brass and gold.

Ballatta drinks cabinet
Ballatta drinks cabinet

Create your ercol look

What’s the true ercol look for 2020? It’s up to you.

We provide stunning furniture, fabrics and finishes in line with the latest colours and textures, so you can create the perfect theme and style for every room in your home. If you’re looking for more inspiration, order your free ercol catalogue, or take a look at our full range of furniture online.

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