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Lounge in Style: A Guide to Finding the Perfect Sofa

By ercol on 22 May 2018

Novara grand sofa

When it comes to buying new furniture for your home, there’s nothing better than a new sofa. And there are so many exciting aspects to consider.

In your search, you’ll explore different shapes, sizes, colours and styles. And the end result? If all goes well, a sofa that’s the perfect fit for your home’s layout, design and your own lifestyle. So, where’s the best place to start?

Enna large sofa
Enna large sofa

Fitting it in – in more ways than one

First and foremost, consider whether a sofa will fit in your room of choice. The initial challenge is getting it through the door. Nobody wants to have a sofa delivered only to realise it won’t go into the property. 

For homes with particularly difficult entrances, such as narrow hallways or doorways, the ideal solution is a sofa that comes in parts, such as the Trieste. With this collection, you can choose from separate corner units and end units in different sizes to get the beautiful sofa you want without being limited by access. It can also be helpful if sofas have removable legs, so they can fit through smaller spaces.

Trieste corner group
Trieste corner group

How about fitting into the room itself? If you’re struggling for space, try to avoid features such as wide scrolled arms, they take up more space in the room without adding to the overall seating space. Be aware that sofa sizes can be deceiving in showrooms too. No matter how much you picture the sofa sliding perfectly into your living space, the reality can be that it takes up too much of the room.

To avoid this, measure every part of your living space and the sofa in question. Map out your room using the measurements to see how sofas will fit in and don’t forget to consider factors such as how far skirting boards sit proud from the wall, if the sofa has angled legs that stick out from the main body of the sofa and how the traffic of your family flows through the room.

So, your sofa fits into your room nicely. But will it suit your lifestyle?

Let’s not forget, as well as looking good, sofas need to seat enough people. Before buying, think about how many people will sit on the sofa day-to-day, and whether it can accommodate more when you’re entertaining.

Marinello sofa collection
Marinello sofa collection

Sofas provide a place to rest after a long day at work, a cosy spot on a winter’s evening and a pleasant welcome for a visiting friend. It’s important to find a sofa that combines comfort with deep cushioning with a sturdy long lasting structure.

The importance of colour

Finally, consider the colours on your sofa. They can have a huge impact on its appearance within your living space. Neutral colours can make a room look bigger, while a bright colour may require simpler lines on the design. Thinking again about lifestyle, fabrics and textures can also come into play. Heavily patterned sofas, for instance, can work better in high use situations, or for bigger families.

Cosenza armchair and footstool
Cosenza armchair and footstool

It can also be hard to picture how colours pair before actually seeing them together. It’s important to be confident that the colours go well together before you buy your sofa and have it delivered. Fortunately, some retailers, on their websites, allow you to view your sofa in different colours and fabrics.

Using the customisation tool on ercol’s Novara Grand Sofa, for instance, you can preview the sofa with different fabric colours. Simply select the ‘customise’ option to see all available colours and styles of fabric for the sofa’s body and scatters. By selecting different combinations, you can see how the colours work together and pair with the frame of the sofa. Customers can also order samples of the fabrics they have selected, to ensure they are making the right choice before purchasing.

Novara grand sofa
Novara grand sofa

ercol sofas – made for you

With ercol, it’s easier than ever to find the perfect sofa for you and your home. Every one of our sofas is expertly designed to combine comfort with long-lasting function. Accurate dimensions are listed for all sofas, so you have complete peace of mind when sizing things up. And, best of all, the customise option makes it easy to see how your sofa will look in the fabric you select.

Take a look at our full range of sofas and armchairs today.


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