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Eclectic Colours & Textures Take Centre Stage

By ercol on 16 April 2019

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Wave goodbye to matching furniture, walls and accessories. This year, we’re seeing an eclectic mix of colours, textures and styles dominating interior design.

The good news is, you can forget complete interior overhauls and simply add new textures and accent colours to transform the look and feel of a room.

This post will look at some of the best ways to achieve the perfect fluidity and balance in your design.

Working with what you’ve got

While some trends require a complete redesign, the introduction of hygge and lagom in recent years has encouraged us to work with what we’ve got, this is certainly the case in 2019! There seems to be a focus on adding individual pieces to create a whole new look, rather than searching for furniture and accessories in the same hues, we can all benefit from a bit of variety in our plans.

Contrasting textures are central to this – pairing hard with soft, rough with smooth and light with heavy to create the perfect balance. That could be a concrete floor with fabric sofas or metal handles on a wooden cabinet. The same is true for colours. Rooms can benefit hugely from a range of unique tones on walls, contrasting patterns on fabrics or a combination of light and dark woods.

Windsor large extending dining table in LT finish with Windsor chairs in Black
Windsor large extending dining table in LT finish with Windsor chairs in Black

A designer touch

By taking a break from matching furniture, it is possible to create a customised space that looks like it’s had a designer touch. A room with mainly oak furniture and flooring, for instance, can be accentuated by a coffee table in a dark stain, co-ordinated with other items in a similar colour, such as picture frames or smaller side tables.

This approach can be extended to furniture sets. Instead of matching tables and chairs, select chairs that are more striking to surround a classic oak dining table. Mix things up with different seat pads or liven up your design by combining a variety of different chairs.

Capena extending dining table in clear matt finish with a collection of contrasting chairs.
Capena extending dining table in clear matt finish with a collection of contrasting chairs.

In our picture we have paired the Capena oak dining table with a forest green stacking chair, elm and beech butterfly chair, black butterfly chair and a white all-purpose chair. Each chair’s style, texture and colour adds another dimension to the room’s design adding in a personal touch. These pieces are all stood on a polished concrete floor, along with the oak bench and sideboard from the Capena collection the table is complemented perfectly. 

Moving things around

Achieving these looks doesn’t always mean investing in new furniture and accessories. You can move things around into other rooms that you hadn’t thought of before, buying that one new piece to draw it all together, you might be surprised by how well different features work together.

Rimini Bedroom Collection
Rimini Bedroom Collection

Potted plants and succulents are one such example, they can add a delicate and gentle flow to a dark room.  Here they are paired with the Rimini bed which is stood in front of deep green walls painted in Puck 298 by Little Greene. The dark wooden floor and green Von bench contrast the light oak bedstead, with a plum velvet throw and Strom Jug both from Heals accentuating the design.

A home that’s all about you

How do you create a design that you love? Search for pieces that you adore and create a home that’s all about you. Combine accent pieces, unique colours and a mixture of textures on furniture, floors and walls.

Looking for more ideas? Discover furniture you love and endless inspiration in the ercol catalogue. Download your copy or request a catalogue to be sent by post.

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