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Celebrations at ercol

By ercol on 13 January 2020

Ercol Chairman Edward Tadros and Directors with ercol employees celebrating 21 or 40 years’ service
Ercol Chairman Edward Tadros and Directors with ercol employees celebrating 21 or 40 years’ service

ercol finished 2019 with a celebration of 10 members of our staff who had completed 21 or 40 years of service at ercol.

We are extremely fortunate that in 2019, seven members of our staff had completed 40 years of service and three had completed 21 years.

To show ercol’s gratitude and to mark this milestone they each received a gift from the company in recognition of their time at ercol.  These were presented during tea with our Directors and Chairman Edward Tadros, Grandson of our founder, Lucian Ercolani, during which they discussed their memories of the last 21 and 40 years.

Many reminisced how daunting their first day was, coming from school classrooms to work in a big factory.  It was interesting to learn that 8 of them had only ever worked at ercol.  Many had families or friends already at ercol, all walking into work together or sharing lifts.

It was wonderful to hear how one of our 40th year workers remembers Christmas time at our High Wycombe factory where they would warm their festive treats from their wives, including mince pies and bread and butter pudding, in the wood kilns.

This year ercol will be celebrating our 100th anniversary so it was a timely celebration for us.

ercol's Wall of Fame
ercol's wall of fame

This amount of service is not unusual for ercol, this image of our ‘Wall of fame’ has the names of those who have completed 21 years of work at ercol engraved onto it.  It has around 500+ names on it now.


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