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Bring Spring into Your Home with the 2019 Colour of the Year

By ercol on 14 March 2019


Pantone has announced Living Coral as its 2019 Colour of the Year. The spirited blend of orange, pink and gold reflects a clear trend in interior design – moving away from traditional hues towards pops of colour that blend beautifully. Best of all, there are a number of ways to incorporate this into your home’s design.

Pantone colour of the year - Coral

Read on to explore this year’s essential colour and how to keep your home looking stylish in 2019.

Combining colours, collections and fabrics

Living Coral is sociable and warm. It’s immersive and engaging. As Pantone puts it, it’s “an animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge”. Above all else, Living Coral embodies the new trend for vibrant accents in each room. It’s the perfect colour pallette to accentuate beautiful wooden furniture like the stylish ercol Von bench.

Von bench
Von bench

Admittedly, this started several years ago with the accent wall. However, it is no longer limited to having a wall painted in a different colour. New textures are being used to create stunning looks, with specially printed wallpapers used to great effect. MuralsWallpaper encapsulates this perfectly, with the stunning watercolour wallpaper providing the perfect backdrop for our Salina range.

Salina bedroom collection

We collaborated again with Muralswallpaper this year who kindly supplied us with a wallpaper mural from The Bauhaus Collection for our display at the January Furniture Show (JFS) this year which really helped the stand look particularly striking and on trend.

Muralswallpaper supplied ercol with a wallpaper mural from The Bauhaus Collection

Their new Bauhaus collection is perfect for 2019, with a modern combination of forms and colours seamlessly adding definition and charisma.

This trend extends to furniture too. You can mix and match furniture pieces with different types of beautiful natural wood to add depth and character to any room. In contrast to the classic ‘three-piece suite’ in a single tone, we’re seeing new, interesting colours combined unsuspectingly.

Cosenza sofa
Cosenza sofa

Different colours, collections and fabrics can sit together, creating a unique room that fits the needs and tastes of you and your loved ones. Consider how each colour and fabric interacts with the rest of the room.  The dark wall with the lighter and textured fabric on the Cosenza sofa adds a unique softness to the room along with avant-garde, iconic Flos lights creates a truly contemporary style.

How to achieve the perfect spring look

Incorporating accents is the perfect way to bring an entirely new theme into a room’s design. Choose a throw, chair or stool in a completely different colour, texture or style to shift the aesthetic of a room. What better way to bring spring into your home?

Delicate pinks are still a popular choice, sitting perfectly within this year’s Pantone colour while adding a spring-themed floral tone to your design. Incorporate these shades into your plans with rugs, accessories or a freshly painted wall to change the look and feel of a room.

Keeping with the accent theme, they can be mixed with brighter yellows, deeper navy blues or whatever you see fit for your room. Take a look at how the Rimini bed’s smooth oak is emboldened with a velvet quilt throw and deep green accent wall.

Rimini collection
Rimini bedroom collection
Rimini collection
Rimini bedroom collection

Update your home with ercol

At ercol, we make it easy to bring new colours, textures and styles into your home. Our 2019 catalogue has a selection of beautiful furniture for every room, with a choice of wood types and fabrics allowing you to create your perfect style. Request your catalogue today to receive a free copy by post.

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