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Achieving a Coastal Look in Your Home

By ercol on 30 August 2019

Whether it’s overseas or on a British staycation, everybody loves the seaside. That’s especially the case in July and August when the weather is warm, and the sand seems extra-golden.

But you don’t have to be right by the beach to get that iconic look and feeling. What if you could bring the sought-after coastal atmosphere to your own home all year round?

Salina dressing table
Salina dressing table

Light, white and bright

The seaside is all about vast open spaces lit by big sky. To encapsulate this, coastal designs should be full of natural light. Pull back the curtains or even replace them with lighter options like blinds to let the light pour in. Furniture can also be positioned to make the most of this light, minimising the shadows around the room.

White can be used to keep rooms bright and airy, even where natural light is difficult to come by. White walls, furnishings and even furniture can be used to emphasise the brightness of a space. The whitewashed look on the Salina dressing table is a beautiful example of how the different elements – natural and white – can combine to great effect.

Marino armchair
Marino armchair

A touch of blue

Gone are the days where coastal design meant gaudy anchor themes and clichéd seaside patterns. Instead, it’s about creating spaces that are light, breezy and completely care-free with subtle hints of the coast, beach and sea.

Blue accents and light natural wood are two fantastic ways to achieve that. They hint at nautical themes, with the blue of the sea and so many iconic wooden features – beach huts, deck chairs and even old-fashioned boats on the shore. Our stunning Marino chair embraces both of these qualities beautifully. The smooth flowing lines of its solid ash frame are complemented delightfully by Villa Nova upholstery in Lille Neptune.

Whichever room you choose

The coastal look is by no means confined to the sitting room or conservatory in your home. Add subtle blue cushions or natural tone throws, with light wooden features to add texture to the bedroom or kitchen to achieve the same charming result. Our Teramo dressing table and stool made of light oak can be offset with a simple blue rug or a feature wall in your coastal design.

ercol Teramo Dressing Table and All Purpose Chair
Teramo dressing table

Why not try a coastal look in the bathroom? Blue towels paired with a clean white design is an easy but effective way to incorporate it in your home.

Utilising natural wood

Natural wood is central to achieving an iconic coastal look. At ercol, we’re passionate about using wood to create timeless furniture that combines function and beauty. For more inspiration, order your own ercol catalogue and be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook.


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