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6 Ways to Seamlessly Integrate an Office into Your Home

By ercol on 25 January 2018

Working from home is no longer an alien concept. Budding entrepreneurs are increasingly going it alone with home-based start-ups, and remote working is commonplace. Home offices come with a plethora of benefits too – zero commute, lower expenses and a better work-life balance. 

Shalstone desk
Shalstone desk

For some, integrating an office into the home can come with its setbacks. With all the furniture and equipment needed, you can quickly disturb the delicate balance of your interior design.

So, how can you seamlessly incorporate an office into your living space? Fortunately, you don’t need acres of space to create the perfect home office. And it doesn’t have to ruin your design scheme. Read on as we look at six ways to integrate a productive working space into your home.

1. A versatile desk

With a home office, there are some things that you can compromise on. Unfortunately, a desk isn’t one of them. It gives you a dedicated working space, allowing you to separate work and home life, despite working from home.

A bulky desk can use up a vast amount of space and upset the balance of a room. Instead, try a minimalistic desk, such as Pero – crafted with a soft and natural elegance, it is ideal for a home office integration.

Pero desk and tall shelving unit
Pero desk and tall shelving unit
Pero low shelving unit
Pero low shelving unit

2. Life on the edge

The key to a home office is having a space where you can hit the ground running. Somewhere that’s all set up and ready to go. But it’s impossible to achieve that in the middle of a room. Instead, look for a space around the room’s perimeter where you can set up your desk. Even better, this allows you to work while the family are home without getting in their way.

3. Think outside the box

When thinking of a place to work, most people naturally opt for the living room. However, your kitchen or dining room may also provide the ideal area for an integrated home office, especially if your living room is often used to entertain guests. With window space among the top “natural elements” for better productivity according to a Human Spaces report, it might also be worth considering the conservatory.

4. Co-ordinate

You want a desk that’s your own working space – somewhere designated for work and work alone. But you don’t want it to stand out in your home’s design. The solution? Co-ordinate any features with the main colours in your home. Choose shades of wood that match your coffee table, dining table, shelves or cabinets. 

Windsor bureau
Windsor bureau

Steer clear of the traditional "office chair"

Leading on from this, it’s probably best to avoid the typical office chair. There’s nothing seamless about a large leather swivel chair in your living room or kitchen. Instead, consider seating that is simple and stylish, like the ercol butterfly chair, which can blend in with your broader design scheme.

Originals butterfly chair and Treviso desk
Originals butterfly chair and Treviso desk

6. Embrace the bureau

Home offices naturally come with clutter. From loose paperwork and files to paperclips and pen pots, a messy workstation will impact a room’s ambience. 

For true seamlessness, a bureau allows you to create a complete desk space within a drop-down leaf. Bosco has been designed with function in mind, making it the perfect solution. The drop down is partitioned with sections for stationary, books or even just important notes. When you’ve finished working, you can simply fold your desk away and maintain the perfect work-life balance.

Bosco bureau
Bosco bureau

Style you want and need

From versatile desks to stylish seating, ercol puts beauty and craftsmanship into every piece of furniture we design. We make it easy to combine the look you want with the functionality you need, covering every room in the home. Take a look at the full ercol home office range to start planning your perfect working space.

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