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Why are certain fabrics not recommended for all furniture designs?

If you look on this website in our fabric guide you will see that certain fabrics are not recommended for certain sofa or chair designs. Generally these are patterns with straight stripes, which we do not recommend for upholstery with buttoned cushions - when we upholster a chair or sofa with this type of fabric, the buttoning pulls the stripes out of parallel and some customers don't like this look.

When selecting your fabrics, please be aware that some fabrics with deep piles will show where they have been sat on unless smoothed over afterwards. Deep pile fabrics which are subject to fabric crush are not recommended to upholster items which have reversible cushions placed on webbing, as the webs will leave an impression on the fabric.

Does ercol fabric have fire protection?

Yes, all our fabrics have passed the British government's flame retardant regulations and the test for abrasion BS2543.

Are ercol fabrics hard wearing?

All our fabrics have been selected for their durability as well as their attractive appearance. They have all passed the test for abrasion BS2543 and are appropriate for general domestic use. If you require upholstery for the contract market or you require a particularly abrasion resistant material, please contact Customer Services who will be able to help you.  We can also provide specialist upholstery fabrics - for example we are sometimes asked for water resistant materials

See also our FAQ on pilling.

Can I have some fabric samples?

Yes, you can order up to five fabric samples on this website or by contacting Customer Services. Each sample is 10cm sq.  Nothing though beats seeing the fabrics in our full swatch books at your local retailer or at our Princes Risborough showroom.  To see the full range visit your local stockist.

How are ercol fabrics sold?

Our fabrics are grouped into collections designed to go with particular furniture ranges. These collections are shown on the furniture product pages.

Where furniture is available in leather there will be a separate leather price.  

You can also buy fabrics by the metre from the 'ercol collection' range of fabrics; the ones available are fabric grades C, E and G. Contact your retailer or Customer Services for details.

'EDIT' Collection fabrics

Start with T suffix. See the above catalogue to view them. They are only available on Cosenza, Trieste and Marinello collections.  The fabrics are available on the body and/or scatter cushions but there are 4 exclusive fabrics saved for scatter cushions only (T501, T502, T503, T504).

'FRESCO' Collection 

Start with F suffix. See the above catalogue to view them.  They are available on the Favara collection only.

'NATURA' Collection fabrics

Start with N suffix. See the above catalogue to view them.  They are available on the Adrano, Gela, Novara and Serroni collections.

'PALOMA' Collection 

Start with P (fabrics) or L (leathers) suffix. See the above catalogue to view them.  They are available on the Ginosa, Enna and Noto collections.

'striped' fabrics

We do not recommend striped fabrics for our upholstered backed dining chairs and the evergreen collection.

All our striped fabrics or patterns that form stripes will bow and distort on the upholstered backs of our dining chairs shown above and they will also do the same on the buttoned evergreen and gina upholstery ranges. It is for this reason that we do not recommend these fabrics for these pieces.

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