At ercol, we are committed to providing an exemplary service that truly meets your needs. That's why our Customer Service Team is on hand to answer your queries – if your question is not answered below, please call us or send an email and we will respond as soon as possible.

If you have purchased your furniture from an ercol stockist, please contact them in the first instance as they will have all your details.  

Below are some of the most commonly asked questions - please do not hesitate to ask us if we can be of further assistance.


Where can I see ercol furniture?

To find your nearest retail showroom* use the ercol stockist locator

*Please enquire with your local stockist to see a specific range.  

You can also view and purchase at ercol.com 

We have a selection of products on show at our Factory Showroom

Our Factory Outlet Store.

Where is ercol furniture made?

ercol has been designing and manufacturing furniture in Buckinghamshire since its formation 100 years ago in 1920. A British brand, all of our ranges are designed and developed by our in-house design team based in Princes Risborough. 

We also work with our manufacturing partners around the globe, from Europe to the Far East, working to ercol’s design principles and standards. 

Country of manufacture can be seen on individual product pages.

Contact/Visit Us

Ercol Furniture Ltd
Summerleys Rd.
Princes Risborough
HP27 9PX 

Tel: 01844 271800

See our showroom page for latest opening times

Where can I find replacement Assembly Instructions?

Assembly Instructions for our current collections can be downloaded from our website, they can be found on the individual product pages.

Cancelling or changing an order?

To amend an order, please notify us within 48 hours.

You can return on your order up to 14 days from receiving your purchase. Return delivery or collection charges may apply. Please see our Terms and Conditions of Sale for full details.

Do you offer click and collect?

Click and Collect is available on most of our furniture, this service is free of charge.  If you select this option, it means collecting from our Princes Risborough Head Office (Summerleys Road, Princes Risborough, HP27 9PX) at an agreed time, during the working week Monday to Friday between 8am to 4pm.  The furniture will be ready to collect at our collection point and the person collecting the furniture must be prepared to put it into their vehicle.

To arrange collection please call our Customer Service Team on 01844-271800 2 weeks after placing your order to arrange a convenient collection time.

How to pay for an order?

Payment can be made online using most major debit and credit cards, we can also take payment over the phone with a member of our Customer Services team. We will take the full order payment, including delivery costs and any applicable assembly charges when the order is placed. If you have an issue with payment on our site when processing your order, please get in contact with our Customer Service Team. Orders will only be dispatched once full payment has been received.

ercol Originals

The Originals collections are no longer available on ercol.com but the full range of ercol Originals can now be viewed at https://www.lercolani.com/en-gb/collections/originals

About the Design Guild Mark

The esteemed Design Guild Mark is awarded by The Furniture Makers’ company with the aim of raising the profile of British industrial design.

A Design Guild Mark can be awarded for a product or collection of products that show quality in design, manufacture, materials and function.


About our fabrics

ercol fabric collections have been selected to suit each particular sofa and chair range. All fabrics have passed the British Standard test BS2543 for abrasion in general domestic use, and comply with the British government’s flame retardant regulations.

Fabric ranges can be seen here.

About our leathers

Leather is a natural product and it can therefore have individual characteristics which make each hide unique. Each leather hide will have different grain variation, natural marks, scars or wrinkles which add character to the upholstery and do not affect the quality or longevity of the product. Where possible any marks or scars will be on less visible areas such as the outside backs or underneath seat cushions. Leather is a very durable and resilient and overtime the leather will develop a patina which enhances its overall look and feel.

Can I order fabric samples?

You can order up to five fabric or leather samples via swatches@ercol.com or via any product page, simply press request sample.

A visualiser tool is available on each product page to render the product in your fabric of choice.     

Fabric shading – what is it?

All fabrics have a pile and may create shading where the pile has been reversed. Deep pile fabrics, such as velvets are particularly affected it is created by the pile being pushed in a different direction when sat on, this area then appears lighter or darker. This is a natural characteristic of certain deep pile fabrics. 

I have a feather allergy?

Some sofa collections have feather, or feather and fibre interiors. Details of cushion interiors are given on the individual product pages on the website. 

On some models we provide alternative fillings, please contact our Customer Service Team or your local retailer to see if this option is available.

Can I treat my sofa with a stain guard or other treatments?

ercol cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by the introduction of after sale products or treatments, you will need to refer to the provider of the treatment in the event of any damages in this regard.

Using a 3rd party product on our items will negate your right to a refund.

Why are some fabrics not recommended for all furniture designs?

This could be down to the choice of designer, pattern matching, the nature of the product and to avoid quality issues.

Fabric pilling

Pilling is the name given to the formation of small balls of fibres on the surface of a fabric. Certain fibres and weaves are more prone to pilling than others. Pilling is caused by loose fibres, not locked into the fabric structure rubbing together during use. This is not a fault with the fabric, nor is it a sign of wear, it will reduce over time. The pills can be safely removed using a fabric shaver.  This is the natural characteristic of these fabrics.

Can sofas and chairs be recovered?

The ranges and fabrics for which we offer this service are in the ercol ReCover guide.

What are Quallofil® Blue cushion interiors?

ercol are introducing Quallofil® Blue cushion interiors on the Aldbury chair, and Marino chair and sofa from September 2022.  Quallofil® Blue is a new polyester fibre for sustainable cushions, the filling fibre is made using 50% recycled plastic.  Quallofil® Blue cushions should maintain their original appearance for longer, as it’s been developed to give firm, controlled support.

This amazing material is made through a partnership between fibre manufacturer Dacron and social enterprise Plastic Bank.

Plastic waste collected by local people from beaches around the world and is crushed into flakes, then spun into fibres. As well as tackling the huge problem of plastic pollution, it’s providing an income for impoverished coastal communities in countries including Brazil, Egypt, Indonesia and the Philippines.  To read more please see https://www.fusionfillingcushion.co.uk/en/dacron-quallofil-blue


Which timbers do ercol use?

ercol work with solid wood and wood veneers, and predominantly use ash and oak. The timber we use depends on what best suits the particular design. 

What are the characteristics of natural wood?

The inherent features of a tree will give variations in the grain and colour, and can also be affected by the cut of the timber. This makes every piece of wood unique, and is one of the many benefits of working with natural materials. Each species of wood has its own characteristic grain patterns from straight to wild grain and are part of the beauty of a natural product. 
Knots and dots are one of the most common marks in wood furniture, these may vary in shape, size and colour and are created where branches or buds grown out of the tree trunk.  Medullary rays are markings which are frequently found in oak and are where the nutrients have been carried to the surface of the tree trunk or branch.  These natural markings all emphasise the uniqueness and quality of wooden furniture.

Over time natural timber will change it colour, avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight to minimise this.  However, timber will still naturally mellow and darken over time.  

Wood finishes

All ercol furniture is finished with a coat of clear lacquer to protect the furniture in normal use. On selected ranges, mainly those made from ash, we offer a variety of stain finishes ranging from clear or pale to rich dark stains and painted finishes, enabling you to get the appropriate style for your home. Wood finishes can be seen on the individual product pages, our fabrics and finishes page or on the range pages at the back of the ercol catalogue. 

Can I order wood samples?

You can order up to five wood samples via emailing swatches@ercol.com with your chosen samples, or via any product page, simply press request sample. 

A visualiser tool is available on certain product pages to render the item in the finish of choice.

Is ercol timber sustainably sourced?

Our timber is in compliance with UKTR regulations, and we are also proud to be working with local suppliers to help reestablish British timber supply chains. Ercol is FSC® Chain of Custody and Grown in Britain (GIB) certified, please enquire with our customer services department about which pieces these certifications apply to.

Grown in Britain

Who is Grown in Britain (GiB)?

Grown in Britain (GiB) is a not-for-profit certification body, set up 10 years ago to promote woodland management, enabling British timber to be harvested and used to make goods such as furniture.

Why have ercol chosen to collaborate with Grown in Britain?

The ercol GiB collaboration is an important one as it is about reestablishing the UK supply chain of timber for furniture, something that has not been available for many years. The GiB project has enabled us to commit to purchasing timber from a UK sawmill, who in turn has been able to invest in the machinery to ensure that we can make this venture viable. The timber from forest to furniture is independently audited against GiB standard, ensuring the British ash in ercol furniture is home grown and from well managed woodlands.

Why was Ash chosen to be the GiB wood in ercol furniture?

Ash was chosen for the GiB project as it is a timber that ercol has been working with for a number of years and so we know its properties when it comes to furniture making.

Is the grain different on the GiB ash and why?

The grain of any wood is influenced by the species the tree and the soil and location that the tree is grown in. Similar to the ‘Terroir’ talked about for grapes and wine making.

How am I helping improve sustainability if I chose GiB timber?

Over the last 40 years we have lost our timber processing industry in the UK, as a result of globalisation.

A primary objective of making a small collection of furniture in British timber is to help reinstate the supply chain and so encourage the use of British timber by many furniture makers, not just ercol.

How will this collection benefit the UK’s forests and woodlands?

The simple benefit of using GiB certified timber is that it will focus awareness on woodland management of UK’s forests and ways to improve them. The UK is the second biggest importer of timber in the world after China, currently around 85% of the hardwoods cut down in the UK end up as firewood; by making timber into furniture, we are embodying the carbon into the piece of furniture and ensuring it stays locked in for much longer than just the life span of the tree but the life of the furniture as well.

How does this collection benefit the UK economy and manufacturing industry?

By launching our GiB collection with a small number of pieces, we do hope that this will enable us to open up the possibility to make more pieces in GiB certified ash. The more UK timber we can use and commit to then the more work the UK based sawmills will have, and if we can get other manufacturers to do the same then a critical mass will be achieved making the UK industry viable again.

Long lasting furniture

By buying a piece of furniture made of solid ash British timber, the miles the furniture will have travelled will be enormously reduced. In addition, the carbon is captured in the furniture will remain in the furniture until it is thrown away or disposed of. So, the longer the furniture lasts, which could be many generations the better for the planet.

Why is the collection only five pieces?

The GiB collection is just the beginning and a part of our sustainability journey, we are constantly re-evaluating where we are and how we can move forward. It is a journey, and it will take time, but we are determined to make progress and an impact for the future, we hope you will join us on this journey.

General Care & Maintenance

General maintenance

Keep furniture out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources, over time fabric will fade and weaken the fibres of the fabric. Furniture should not be placed in front of a radiator and positioned well away from open fires and wood burners.

For further information on caring for your ercol furniture and mattresses please see our care cards.

How to care for ercol wood furniture?

Dust wood furniture regularly, using a soft, and dry dust cloth. We recommend polishing ercol furniture no more frequently than every 6 months, with good quality 100% beeswax polish, never use a polish with silicon in it as this can cause damage. 

How to clean fabrics and cushions?

All ercol sofas and chair fabrics should only be professionally dry cleaned in-situ by a specialist. To reduce staining, spillages should be mopped up as soon as possible and cleaned by a specialist. Take care with sharp objects such as belt buckles, keys and pet claws as these can snag any fabric.

Where possible, turn cushions regularly to distribute the wear evenly. Vacuum cleaning fabrics with the brush attachment will prolong their life as dust is abrasive and can dull colours and speed up wear and tear.

Furniture wear and tear

With every day use furniture can get knocked and damaged. Polishing the wood with a pure beeswax polish may resolve the problem but if not we recommend you consult a local furniture restorer.

Drawers or doors that are sticking?

Wood naturally shrinks and expands with changes in the humidity. We allow for a degree of shrinkage and growth in the design, most problems with doors and drawers sticking is in the autumn when the moisture increases prior to turning on central heating. Once the heating is turned on and the humidity reduces then the timber will shrink back.

Some collections have adjustable doors and drawers. To adjust a drawer, empty the contents. Pull out the drawer, feel underneath, you will find two finger grips at the front, one each side.  Squeeze these to release the drawer, turn the drawer over, there are two turn knobs to adjust the alignment from left to right of the drawer.  Once adjusted, push the runners back in and then slot the drawer in, push it back until it clicks shut.  To adjust the door hinges, remove the cover from the hinge to reveal two screws.  One will move the doors up and down, the other will move them left to right.

Wardrobes doors hinges can be adjusted above.  However, first ensure that the wardrobe is properly aligned – i.e. that it is level and the carcass is not being twisted out of alignment.  For example with a carpet the back feet will often be stood on the gripper rod and so you will need to use the wedges supplied under the front feet to level the wardrobe.  

Spare parts

If a toolkit, screws, bolts or other elements are missing please contact our Customer Service Team and we will arrange replacements to you at our earliest opportunity. 

Do ercol offer a guarantee?

ercol has been in business for 100 years, we pride ourselves on designing, specifying and creating quality furniture. If however you have a manufacturing problem or fault with your furniture, please contact the retailer you purchased it from.

If you have purchased direct from ercol.com please contact our Customer Service Team by email with your order number and details of any issues.

Orders and Deliveries

What do I need to do before placing an order?

Before ordering a piece of furniture, please ensure it will fit in into your home through doorways and also into the designated position.

What happens if the furniture doesn’t fit?

Any order returned due to being unsuitable for a location, due to size could result in you being responsible for any failed delivery and return fees.

How can I find furniture measurements?

Each piece of ercol furniture has the dimensions listed under the product descriptions on the website. 

Is ercol furniture delivered assembled?

Most of our furniture is delivered assembled, but in some instances, assembly may be required.

Selecting the Premium delivery via ercol.com or ercol outlet will include a full delivery and installation service to your room of choice and removal of all packaging.

Selecting Doorstep delivery will mean that the furniture is delivered to your street door.

If purchasing through one of our retail partners, please check their individual service offerings and terms and conditions. 

Delivery charges

We offer a choice of delivery options.

Delivery Type Delivery Charge What is included
Premium Delivery £60 Delivery to room of choice, assembly, and removal of packaging
Doorstep Delivery £20 Delivery to street door
Click and Collect FREE Collection from ercol Furniture, HP27 9PX

Please note, surcharges may apply for the Scottish Highlands, and other defined postcodes which will be made clear at point of order confirmations.

What do the delivery methods on ercol.com or outlet include?

ercol Furniture offers 3 options for delivery / collection of your furniture.

Premium Delivery incurs an additional charge of £60 and includes a full delivery service, furniture will be placed in your room of choice, providing it is safely accessible. Furniture will be carried up a maximum of two flights of stairs, unless there is a useable lift or a risk assessment permits it. If any assembly is required on a piece of furniture our delivery partners will do this for you. All packaging will be removed as part of our premium delivery service. Deliveries are made Monday to Friday, if an agreed delivery fails due to customer unavailability or access issues, the delivery charge and associated service costs will still be applied. Orders containing multiple items will be grouped and sent at the furthest lead time so that you will receive one delivery.

Doorstep Delivery service is £20, it is delivery to the street door of your house or flat.  This service does NOT include taking the furniture inside the building, unpacking or assembly.  Packaging will not be removed or taken away with this service.  Deliveries are made Monday to Friday.  If an agreed delivery fails due to customer unavailability or access issues, the delivery charge and associated service costs will still be applied.  Orders containing multiple items will be grouped and sent at the furthest lead time, so that you will receive one delivery.

Do you offer Click and Collect?

Click and Collect is available on most of our furniture, this service is free of charge.  If you select this option, it means collecting from our Princes Risborough Head Office (Summerleys Road, Princes Risborough, HP27 9PX) at an agreed time, during the working week Monday to Friday between 8am to 4pm.  The furniture will be ready to collect at our collection point and the person collecting the furniture must be prepared to put it into their vehicle.

To arrange collection please call our Customer Service Team on 01844-271800 2 weeks after placing your order to arrange a convenient collection time.

When will my furniture be delivered?

We will fulfil your order as promptly as possible. If ordering on the ercol website, your lead time will default to the item with the longest lead time, so that your order can be delivered together. 

Some ranges are available from stock, whilst other ranges with a choice of fabrics or finishes are made to order, these elements dictate delivery lead times.

If purchasing via a retailer they will be responsible for delivery to you and should be contacted in the first instance if you have a query with your order. 

If purchased directly from ercol, the designated courier will contact you to notify you of a specific time delivery.

How can an order be tracked?

You will be emailed automatically at certain intervals throughout your orders journey and be notified of a delivery window.

Will you remove the packaging?

With our Premium delivery service packaging will be removed.  With doorstep delivery or click and collect it will be up to you to remove and dispose of the packaging.

Do you deliver outside mainland UK?

We only offer UK mainland delivery.

Access or parking restrictions at my home, can you still deliver to me?

Our delivery partner will contact you in advance of delivery to ensure the correct vehicle is allocated for your delivery. If you have limited access or restrictions, please contact us directly.

Complaints or Returns

Exchanges and returns

If you change your mind you can return ercol furniture only within 14 days of delivery. The furniture must be in saleable condition and packaged appropriately for return delivery, if this is not the case a charge of £20 will be made to cover this cost in addition to the transport return costs below:

  • One piece of furniture non-upholstery or one accent chair - £65
  • Multiple pieces excluding upholstery - £120
  • Multiple pieces including upholstery - £150

For further details see our Terms and Conditions of Sale.  Please contact our Customer Services Team to arrange the collection.

ercol mattresses are made to order, and it is for this and reasons of hygiene, that we are unable to refund or replace any of our mattresses. This does not affect your statutory rights or apply if the product is faulty. Since the selection of a mattress is a very personal decision, we strongly recommend that you try the mattress in store, or here in the ercol showroom, prior to ordering. While we endeavour to ensure stated dimensions are as accurate as possible, due to manufacturing tolerances, these may vary slightly.

I’ve discovered a product fault?

Please contact our Customer Service Team to resolve the issue.

What should I do if I have a complaint?

If you have purchased your furniture from a retailer please contact the retailer’s customer services team as your purchase contract is with them. If you have purchased via the ercol website please contact our Customer Service Team on email and they will endeavour to resolve the matter as soon as possible.