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Corso & Verso Corso & Verso Corso & Verso

Corso & Verso

Inspired by the classic mid-century ercol Plank table, designed for modern family life where everything happens around the dining table, the simple, flowing lines of the top and comb-jointed V leg assemblies, create a friendly, modern feel that is designed to last. Pair with Verso cabinets, designed with a single, flowing line resulting in graphic shapes that create a sense of flow and movement. 

Corso comfortably seats 6, or 8 if used with accompanying benches and a chair at each end.

Design direction

Inspired by the simplicity and durability of the classic ercol Plank table, the forms of this collection are modernised and dimensions scaled up to fit with modern life.  The elliptical edge profiles of tops on the Verso cabinets and leg shapes on both Corso table and Corso bench are tactile and highlight the beauty of the grain in the solid ash timber creating a welcoming place to eat work or relax. 

Verso was designed around a single flowing line which leads your eye around the cabinets.  A simple arc cut in a corner of each door and drawer acts both as a handle and as a decorative detail.  The resulting graphic shapes create a sense of flow and movement - 'verso' means 'towards' in Italian.  These rounded shapes are accentuated by the contrasting metal backing panels - on natural finishes the back panels are black, and on dark stained cabinets a brushed brass plate is used.  Radiused top corners, long turned posts and rounded legs complete Verso's friendly aesthetic, a practical, graphic cabinet range that is both current and timeless.

The Corso and Verso Collection were designed for comfort in daily use.

The collection is available in the new lightened or darkened finish along with our standard ash finishes and the bench is available with or without a fixed upholstered pad with options from the ercol collection fabrics. 

Available in these finishes:

Whitened (NM) Whitened (NM) Ash
Clear Matt (CM) Clear Matt (CM) Ash
Darkened (DA) Darkened (DA) Ash
Dark Wood (DK) Dark Wood (DK) Ash
Straw (ST) Straw (ST) Ash
Light (LT) Light (LT) Ash
Golden Dawn (GD) Golden Dawn (GD) Ash

DA, DK & GD - Brass Plate 
NM, LT, ST, CM - Black Plate

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