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25 November 2019

Find the Right Balance with Autumnal Colours

Summer is vibrant, winter is cosy, and spring is all about new beginnings. But when it comes to beautiful colours, it doesn’t get better than autumn. As the leaves change colour, we get rich oranges, yellows and reds as far as the eye can see.


17 October 2019

Warm, Rich Wood Tones. Create a Stylish Impact.

The late 2010s have been dominated by Scandi design, with an emphasis on simplicity, clean lines and muted colours. Central to that trend is the use of lighter woods. However, with 2020 just around the corner, dark woods are making a stunning return.


15 September 2019

ercol at the London Design Festival

London Design Festival (LDF) is just around the corner. The nine-day event will celebrate London’s reputation as the design capital of the world. That encompasses everything from architecture and structural design to fashion, interiors and of course furniture.


30 August 2019

Achieving a Coastal Look in Your Home

You don’t have to be right by the beach to get that iconic look and feeling. What if you could bring the sought-after coastal atmosphere to your own home all year round?


15 August 2019

Make a Statement... With Velvet

Fabrics with a texture, like velvet, presented in a unique colour can bring furniture to life and really make a statement in your home.


18 July 2019

An Introduction to Jointing

At ercol, we’re passionate about crafting furniture that’s strong, durable and beautiful. To do so, we need far more than nails and screws alone. Our team uses a wide range of artisanal practices, some of which have been used to craft stunning wooden furniture for centuries and even millennia.


17 June 2019

Host with the Most: Finding the Ideal Dining Solutions

The unpredictable British weather means that most gatherings can often slowly drift inside the house. With that in mind, it’s important that your home is ready to host your family and friends – both inside and out.


1 June 2019

Introducing: The LOVE Seat ercol & 2LG Studio Collaboration

We have collaborated with the award-winning interior design studio 2LG Studio to create four limited-edition rainbow Originals Love Seats to coincide with Pride month in June.


16 May 2019

Working Life at ercol – Past, Present & Future

With new design technology and innovative methods of manufacturing, the world of furniture is always changing. Things are no different at ercol. We are continually looking forward, but to maintain our furniture’s unique character and style, we must honour the past too.


16 April 2019

Eclectic Colours & Textures Take Centre Stage

Wave goodbye to matching furniture, walls and accessories. This year, we’re seeing an eclectic mix of colours, textures and styles dominating interior design.

17 December 2018

ercol in The Community

25 September 2017

New ways with wool

24 February 2016

ercol now in Strada

23 February 2015

Regent’s Bar and Kitchen

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