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Von Von Von Von


Taking inspiration from one of Lucian Ercolani archived designs, the new Von Collection designed by Hlynur V. Atlason, is the latest addition to the ercol portfolio. Catering for three areas - lounging, socialising and relaxing it comprises of seating, bench and table units which can be fitted together to create bespoke configurations, tailored to the requirements of both domestic and commercial spaces.

Design Direction

Taking inspiration from one of Lucian Ercolani’s archived designs – the Von 427 chair, which originally launched in 1956, the new Von by Hlynur V. Atlason collection offers a response to this design that is fit for 21st Century. Reflecting an increasing fluidity between the modern home, workspace and hospitality settings, the Von Collection is part of the evolution of how we see furniture design in the present day.


Video screen

The Von Collection

Available in these finishes:

Natural (DM) Natural (DM) Ash
Original (OG) Original (OG) Ash
Darkened (DA) Darkened (DA) Ash
Walnut (WN) Walnut (WN) Walnut
Black (SB) Black (SB) Ash
Oceanic (OC) Oceanic (OC) Ash
Vintage Red (VR) Vintage Red (VR) Ash
Ochre (OE) Ochre (OE) Ash
Warm Grey (WG) Warm Grey (WG) Ash
Off White (NM) Off White (NM) Ash

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